Consultant care

Consultant Care

Consultant Care is an initiative that has been developed with the well-being of our contractors in mind. The health of the people that we represent is critically important to us, we genuinely care and are committed to getting everyone home safely at the end of every day.

Consultant Care is built on three pillars which together provide comprehensive support to our contractors wherever they are in the world.


We provide our contractors with the knowledge and understanding required to keep themselves safe. Before travelling to a new region or work site, we conduct a comprehensive review into any potential threats or risks. These reviews are conducted in partnership with risk analysts, government agencies, our clients and in-country personnel.


Through our network we monitor any incidents that might directly or indirectly affect anyone we are representing. We aim to communicate frequent updates to enable our contractors to make informed decisions on how to act.


Through our partners we are well prepared to respond to almost any security and health related emergency or incident. Our partners global service centres can respond to emergency medical, travel and security needs 24/7/365, and are located in key regions around the globe.

They can provide assistance with emergency medical evacuation transportation assistance, physician/ hospital/dental/vision referrals and emergency prescription replacement.

With a reputation for providing a complete range of security solutions, our partners leverage expert resources dedicated to providing high quality information and security services. They can support secure evacuation assistance, global risk analysis and 24/7/365 response services to our contractors during security incidents.

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