How we Work

Briefing & Planning

We collaborate with you from the off, as our partner. We want the best for you, so take a detailed brief. We want to know all about you, your market journey and the goals driving this new hire. We ask a lot of questions so we can produce a highly detailed technical brief.

We’ll learn about the broader corporate culture, departmental vibe and leadership dynamic. We want to hear about who you imagine would succeed in this role, and why. Being authentic is the best way to earn your trust and we do this out of diligence and respect.

Search & Selection

Once we have agreed the brief, we sign terms and our recruitment team gets to work. Our unparalleled network provides us access to a pool of highly talented and experienced engineers.

We aim to submit a shortlist of candidates to you within 72 hours. We include candidate feedback on your firm as part of this process. We share why some candidates passed on the opportunity, and we  provide market insights. Digging into candidate feedback is essential as it’s often indicative of who we’ll find and why. This frank feedback is always constructive and is part of our commitment to transparency.

Interviews & Assessment

Before we interview a candidate, we check their references. We avoid email, and call ex-colleagues and line managers. The oil and gas industry may be global, but it is still a distinct and close-knit community.

This gives us the fullest picture possible. We hear it all, from their style and skills in a team to what their boss thought about them. We do this to confirm that candidates are who they say they are and can do what they say they can. We can also arrange for specialist technical assessments to be part of this process if required.

Our interviews are robust because we don’t assume a thing. We dive-deep and perform a 360-degree assessment. We push back if we need to and ask tricky questions. It’s our job to put the A-listers and visionaries to the test in an interview. This is diligence, not to be disrespectful. We focus on what happens when we give a candidate’s values a squeeze. We notice what isn’t said as well as what is, for that reveals so much. Our focus is on the long game at Leader Engineering and we refuse to cut corners.


Usually we've already tackled any potential glitches in the negotiation process.

That said, a move to a new role is a big deal and often affects partners and family. When we negotiate this critical last step, we listen to everyone and avoid bullish moves.

This is where our values around transparency, respect and trust matter most. Our reputation is at stake unless everyone wins.


Three elements form part of our onboarding process: efficiency, compliance and safety. More often than not, you will want your candidate mobilised as rapidly as possible.

With almost two decades of experience behind us, we have a wealth of experience that ensures we are speaking to the right people to support a prompt mobilisation.

Speed and efficiency are nothing unless we are acting in a compliant manner. We  conduct all required pre-employment checks and obtain all authorisations (visas, work permits, contract of employment, health checks etc.) with diligence. Travel and accommodation can be arranged as required.

Finally, safety is always at the forefront of everything that we do. Throughout the mobilisation process, we are educating our contractors about what to expect on arrival at the work site and what they need to do in the event that they require assistance.

We aim to provide all the tools and resources that they need so that they can focus on the job.


When projects come to an end for our contract personnel, we are on hand to manage the demobilisation process.

This may involve assisting in the timely departure from the worksite, in addition to all the necessary reporting requirements

A review of each contractor’s performance is always conducted with a view to redeployment.

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