Represents the company on a Rig site to support the safe and efficient execution of well plans. Is the primary contact for rig and third-party personnel to ensure logistics for personnel, equipment and services are appropriately organized and managed.


• Responsible for communicating expectations regarding safety, security, health, and environment; provides guidance and supports managing Safety, Security, Health, and Environment (SSHE) events

• Responsible for communicating Operations Integrity Management Systems (Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) expectations on the rig site

 • Monitors rig operations to provide feedback and input to the rig contractor to ensure well control procedures are properly followed and emergency situations are appropriately managed

• Responsible for ensuring that safety, operational, environmental, security and other drills are conducted on site at specified frequencies

 • Responsible for ensuring drilling and completion procedures are followed as approved and utilizes management of change processes if changes are required

• Orders and organizes logistics for services and equipment necessary to conduct drilling and completion operations efficiently

• Supports onsite surveillance requirements for the operation in areas such as kick detection, abnormal pressure detection, torque & drag, mud properties, and solids control efficiency

 • Responsible for generation of accurate and adequate operations reports • Interfaces with engineering and geology to ensure understanding of well objectives and procedural requirements


• Experience in rig supervisory or rig leadership roles for drilling and completion operations

• Experience working for a major Operator or Drilling Contractor

• Hold current certification for Well Control