• Rotational: (Nonrotational Placement)
  • Role Type: Contract
  • Location: Guyana
  • Duration: 12 months +
  • Rates: TBC

The Transport and Travel Coordinator as part of the Company Logistics Group, the successful candidate will engage with various Company and/or Contractors Logistics Coordinators, aviation services providers and apply travel systems and processes to provide reliable aviation services in conformance with Company’s established policies and procedures. It includes but is not limited to the planning and scheduling of flights, the effective processing of all passenger reservations, the safe/efficient movement of personnel offshore or to other locations out of Georgetown and tracking of personnel movement as required to effectively meet the business needs of the Company.


  • Labour relations – ability to interact in a multi-cultural environment
  • Supervision and stewardship of small operations or equivalent including the aviation support services, management of personnel onboard, etc.
  • Security awareness and application of principles incorporating concepts into air transport operations.
  • Communication skills, written & verbal
  • Technical degree or equivalent experience.
  • Degree: Engineering/Business Administration/ Mathematics/ English Other, preferred.
  • Good computing skills including use of Microsoft applications (Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Good organizational skills and Operations planning experience
  • Good business judgment and decision making skills
  • Willingness to work in a remote, changing environment
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Forward Thinking & Results-Oriented
  • Experience in implementing and following new procedures, work practices or systems. Particularly new databases, planning tools and record-keeping systems
  • Ability to develop and maintain Spreadsheets and basic Databases to a high standard.
  • Solid record-keeping skills and ability to follow processes and input quality data.
  • Strong customer service and communication skills.
  • Productive and driven to achieve goals and manage workflow.
  • Multitasking and skills to handle multiple priorities.
  • Must understand the nature of driving duties, transport safety and regulations.
  • Good understanding of Transportation Operations including operating locations and local environment with emphasis upon domestic air transportation services and facilities.
  • Good understanding and knowledge of aviation services and associated services including meet and greet, passengers’ movement, etc.
  • Conversant with prevailing domestic and civil aviation infrastructure and security initiatives associated with the air transportation of personnel and/or equipment.


The successful candidate will undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure requirements for the provision of air transportation (aviation) and related support services are met utilizing equipment & services which meet or exceed minimum expectations.
  • Develop and effectively steward flight schedules, and the dispatch/dispensing and manoeuvring assignment of air transport services (when duly approved by the Transportation Supervisor), and the associated assignment of aviation support services personnel.
  • Maintain communication with the Travel Lead and/or Aviation Coordinator toward the effective assignment and tasking the aviation support services to support the business needs of the Company.
  • Ensure that any/all ad-hoc flight requirements are duly approved and appropriately charged to the cost center requesting such ad-hoc services.
  • Ensure that all personnel assigned to operate and provide the air transport services are duly qualified and approved for the scope of activities to be performed.
  • Provides steward able work-site supervision of contracted aviation support services activities including the check-in operation and the associated activities involving the provision of the services to the Company.
  • Effectively steward the air transport services through pro-active preventative maintenance planning & scheduling with the aviation contractor to reduce cost and optimize the availability of such services within the operating needs of the Company.
  • Ensure that the air transportation services are conducted efficiently within the framework of EEPGL policies and wider procedures.
  • Provide month-end summaries of passenger movement to accurately support the allocation of air transportation and related.
  • Performs the regular capture and recording of Key Performance Indicators for the air transportation services and serves as the b/u custodian of the KPI database for all KPIs. Maintains the KPI database in a timely manner and provides reports to the Transportation Supervisor on a regular basis.
  • Receive and process Travel Request Forms in a timely manner.
  • Manifest travellers to available flights, and prepare accurate final manifests for the issue to service providers and customers including contractors. Ensure confirmations are always sent to requestors.
  • Maintain quality personnel profile data within the system, with complete and up to date records. Regularly review and ensure a clean, effective database.
  • Closeout flights and travel tasks when complete and validate daily POB reports.
  • Prepare the daily airport meet/greet log or passenger coordination list for Ground Transport by using the Company Travel System.
  • Maintain Personnel Profile, certification and other info as deemed necessary
  • Carry the after-hours / weekend duty phone when required, in accordance with the team duty roster. Respond to calls if received. Log calls and handle appropriately, seeking support if required or returning to the office when necessary.
  • Ensure travellers receive the correct pre-departure information and are informed of travel requirements and responsibilities. Spot check compliance on a monthly basis.
  • Support other duties and tasks as requested.

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