Well Site Representative


  • Contract Type: Contractor
  • Start Date: November 2022
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Rates: Negotiable

Contractor shall provide Well Site Representative to perform the Services. The requirements, roles, and responsibilities, of the Well Site Representative shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • Supervise well site operations.
  • Ensure that the operations always run safe and are incident free.
  • Always keep well control first anytime while operating in a well.
  • Provide good communication with Company’s production operations department and understand the roles and responsibilities of production operators while operating offshore.
  • While running in well, always ensure that there are a minimum of two independent mechanical barriers in place unless an approved Management of Change (MOC) is in place to only allow one barrier.
  • Pro-actively plan equipment mobilisation to onsite location with close engagement with marine logistic and dispatcher in base.
  • Provide clear communication with Company’s third-party contractors while planning for equipment mobilisation offshore.
  • Provide clear communication with Company’s intervention engineer and intervention superintendent before any deviation from the approved procedure.
  • Understand the incident communication flow chart. Understand how to report incidents and medical evacuation.
  • Conduct daily data entry of operations activities in Company’s Wellview data base system.
  • Conduct daily report out of intervention activities to intervention team or superintendent.
  • Provide clear communication and handover with night supervisor for business continuity.
  • Conduct proper well handover from/to Company’s production operations department.
  • Have attended IADC/IWCF accredited Well Control training with certification.