At Leader Engineering, we want you to find the best role, so we ask plenty of questions.

We ask about your journey, future goals and get a clear sense of the practical of your experience. Career development is a huge consideration and we appreciate how much this matters. This means we won’t ever push you into somewhere where you won’t settle long-term, or that you don’t believe fits correctly with your skillset. We’re frank about the salary and work conditions you can expect, so you never feel sold a fake promise.

Interviews & Assessment

Regardless of the role, our service remains the same. So, once we have reviewed your C.V. and had a brief call, we begin our 360-degree feedback process.

We give you feedback on your C.V. and the way you come across in interview. It maybe you need to edit your C.V. or practice your presentation skills. Here, we also check your references with line managers and ex-teammates. This gives us a full picture of your personality and skill set. Doing this helps us make sure you we know exactly what roles would be the best fit for you.


You may choose to work with Leader Engineering on an exclusive basis if you wish, this generally would be our preference as some of our clients will discount candidates who have submitted applications via multiple sources.

You can do this for a set period of two to four weeks, we actively profile and recommend you to clients. This does not only include open positions but extends to firms where we can spot an affinity of some kind.

Mobilisation & Onboarding

We prepare you in full for a smooth and successful start. You can ask us anything about your new role, the team or your line manager beforehand.

At Leader Engineering there is no such thing as too many questions. We value transparency and diligence, so are happy to go over anything on your mind.

A critical part of your onboarding is Consultant Care. Consultant Care is our initiative that has been designed to ensure that you are equipped with the tools and resources to help you maintain your well-being when you are in the field.

The initiative has been built on three pillars which together provide you comprehensive support forwherever you are in the world.


We will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the area where you will be working highlighting any potential security concerns and identifying medical facilities.


Working with our partners we will always keep you informed about any ongoing security concerns,allowing you to act accordingly.


Finally, in the event that something does go wrong, and you require medical or security assistance in cooperation with our partners we are able to provide support.

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