Our Approach

As a boutique agency our focus is engineering, and only engineering. We are exceptionally networked and know our markets. This knowledge and sector expertise is palpable.

Reputation is everything. We are meticulous when assessing skills and challenge points of view. Our interviews are in-depth and multi-faceted, with candidates feeling that we are listening. This considered, intelligent approach helps ensure that we are supplying candidates that are the perfect match.

Our experience ensures that all national and international laws, regulations and procedures are complied with in full. With particular attention to all Health, Safety and Environmental considerations.

Contract Recruitment

We assess skills with a rigour that is remarkable in contract recruitment. Our commitment to diligence runs deep and inspires confidence. We present selective shortlists which promise both short-term suitability and long-term cultural fit. Yes, it takes more time, but it lowers the risk of a mismatch. When time is not invested in the screening process, everyone loses.

To mitigate this, we listen, slow down and think about what we’re doing. We default to transparency with our partners, knowing that our trust must be earnt. No matter how far our search, our reputation rests on our ability to deliver. This we take seriously.

Our senior management team are exceptionally experienced in the management of Capital
Development Projects in the Oil and Gas Industry and are able to contribute in the planning of manpower requirements.

Our Contract service is all encompassing and extends to managing payroll, travel, logistics and comprehensive liability and medical insurance requirements.

Permanent Recruitment

With every service that we provide at Leader Engineering, you can be assured that we will apply the
same rigorous standards and high levels of attention to detail.

When conducting permanent recruitment, we go to great lengths to ensure that a candidate isn’t only technically competent, but culturally the right fit too.
The world’s greatest organisations are all defined by the people who are working in them, and we take the responsibility of finding you the perfect addition to your organisation very seriously.
We offer a tailored approach to our recruitment processes ensuring that we are compliant with your own internal recruitment standards.
Finally, we focus on creating an enjoyable experience for both the candidate and the hiring manager. Acting as an intermediary can often be a complicated task, but we work diligently to overcome any challenges and provide a seamless recruitment experience.
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